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A sought after motivational speaker, John Kriesel travels throughout the country sharing his story, inspiring and motivating others. Kriesel’s intensely positive attitude infects every person he touches from cub scouts to senior corporate executives as he relays lessons learned overcoming extreme tragedy.


On December 2006 the vehicle Kriesel and four of his comrades were riding in encountered a 200 lb. Improvised Explosive Device (IED). The blast killed two of Kriesel’s best friends and he was severely injured, losing both legs, suffering numerous broken bones and internal injuries. He was transported to two field hospitals in Iraq where he died three times on the operating table before doctors saved his life. He woke up in Walter Reed Army Medical Center after an 8-day medically induced coma where he learned about the death of his two comrades and the severity of his injuries.


Nine months after his near-death experience in Iraq, John returned to Minnesota to begin his new life. His transition from military to civilian life offered many challenges, humor allowed him to bounce back stronger than ever.


During John's presentation he will describe his decision to join the military at 17 years of age, and his overseas deployments. He will discuss in detail the tragic events of December 2, 2006, and his thoughts and feelings as he laid on a dirt road in Iraq, nearly bleeding to death. He will describe what it was like when he woke up from an 8-day coma in the United States and began his recovery. John's story, sense of humor, and positive outlook on life will leave your audience inspired.

"Kriesel is something special. A gifted communicator..."

- Minneapolis Star Tribune

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